Silvina Cox, M.P.H, R.D.N

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Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist: Counseling & Wellness Coaching

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"The longest journey begins with a single step"      Lao Tsu

Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist: Counseling & Wellness Coaching

What does nutrition therapy & coaching entail?

Silvina Cox, MPH, RD provides a cutting edge and established approach to solve weight and health concerns through mindful and Intuitive Eating --- without dieting or gimmicks. This is an individualized client centered process, meaning I acknowledge your needs,  desires and wisdom.  Then,  together, with curiosity---never judging--- we look at the underlying misconceptions, challenges,  behaviors, habits, barriers, etc.  that lead to troubled eating. This process sheds light on the core issues that sent one astray with food, weight or health in the first place--- whether physical, emotional or both.  Education and tools are provided around metabolism, food, cooking, health and more. This work illuminates ones' individual road to achieving and maintaining a way with food and lifestyle that is balanced and nourishing at all levels.

You will learn new skills, obtain new tools  and insights,  and through this---a healthy relationship with food and body is obtained, then selfcare emerges that is natural, effortless and deeply satisfying.  

Depending on your---or your family members'  needs--- a review of medical history, labs (if pertinent), food and eating patterns, activity and other lifestyle factors is conducted, always taking into account the client’s desires. 

Specialties include:

Child, adolescent and adult weight specialist

Preventive nutrition including: prediabetes, type 2 diabetes; high cholesterol, triglycerides; wellness

GI Nutrition includes: celiac, gluten sensitivity, IBS, GERD

Initial session:    90 minutes

Follow up:             50 minutes or 25 minutes

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